the Heller Ariane 5 kit

This page is a work in progress

Notes on the Heller Ariane 5

The Heller kit (nr. 60441) is for an Ariane 5G. Heller also produced the 'Mission Jules Verne' kit (52909), which contains an Ariane 5 ES ATV. This has a new (more detailed) EPS upper stage, and a payload fairing with interior detail. These parts allow you to build an Ariane with its payload on display.

The kit dimensions are accurate. There are a few differences between the kit and photos I've seen of the Ariane 5. These are mostly a matter of paint colors.

Converting the Heller Ariane 5 to an ECA version

These are the main differences between the Ariane 5 and the ECA:

Source: Capcomespace

Ariane 5 ECA evolution

The Ariane 5 ECA configuration as described above was introduced gradually. This section lists the changes by mission:

I created this list by checking photos of each launch I found on (a good source for all things Ariane).