Eurofighter FRS-117 "Mosquito"

A natural evolution from the Lockheed Martin F-117 stealthy light bomber, the FRS-117 is an aircraft unique to the RVAF [E]. While most of its vital statistics are classified, some of its advanced capabilites have been shown in combat already, and can be considered 'out of the bag'.

Radical changes from the F-117 include much more powerful engines thanks to an afterburning stage, a larger payload capacity, and the capability to fire air-to-air missiles like the AMRAAM.

Its nickname is taken from the famous De Havilland Mosquito multirole aircraft from World War Two. Its performance and versatility have been an inspiration in the creation of the FRS-117.

Check out this page on Group Captain Richard's site for some of the few existing photos of one of Q Flight's planes on mission. Also take note of the third photo on this page, which shows clearly the effects we have on enemy morale.

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