You have arrived at the home page for the Royal Virtual Air Force (European branch), or RVAF [E]. This new jewel in the crown of the illustrious RVAF was formed on April 20, 2000 as the next logical step on the path to world domination.


Crew roster

CO: Group Captain Harro de Jong

XO: Squadron Leader Alexandre Grand-Clement


Active Units

309 (ECU) Sqn

The ultimate composition of the 309 European Conversion Unit has yet to be decided. One flight has been activated so far: Q Flight has proven its worth already in some daring, and blindingly succesful, missions (see the mission reports).


Q Flight

Q Flight is a SpecOps unit, its tasks remain classified butinclude, among others, reconnaisance and strike missions. Q Flight isbased at Soest AFB, the Netherlands. It uses the EurofighterFRS-117 "Mosquito" stealthy multirole aircraft.

Q Flight is commanded by Grp Cptn de Jong.


Our Hardware

Our aircraft are easily recognizable:

a. by our stupendous flying skills,

b. by this badge:

Eurofighter FRS-117 "Mosquito"


Mission Reports

Q Flight vs. Larry


Other RVAF units

Want to know what this is all about?


No.VIO.C.U. Squadron "The Rabid Gerbils"



Please note that this site is NOT under construction. However muchit changes, its state is always 'finished'.

If you must, and in dire emergencies only, the Grp Cpn can bereached at h.c.de.jong@xmsnetNOT.nl - remove the spamtrap.